Without Mountain Park, I don’t know where I’d be

Juan has always wanted to live a life where he didn’t have to battle his uncontrollable blood pressure. It wasn’t until he came to Mountain Park that he was able to get the answers to his health questions.

Celebrating Care Beyond the Clinic

Our annual Diversity Site Council Summit focused on building partnerships that go beyond the clinic and addressed how we, as a community, can build strong relationships and work together to create impactful outcomes.

Finding Compassion through Giving Back

Tyrrell Wagner is on a mission to give back to his community in Low Mountain, a small community in northeastern Arizona’s Navajo Nation. Find out what steps he’s taking to accomplish this.

A Place to Call Home

Mountain Park helps families feel safe, especially after a natural disaster hits. Learn about William and Yadira and how they found us and fell in love from the start.

Keeping You and Your Future Child Healthy

Research shows that gaining too much weight during pregnancy may put mom and baby at risk for complications. Our registered dietitians are helping our moms stay healthy during their pregnancy.

WIC Clients Can Be Patients Too

Whether you are a WIC client or a patient at Mountain Park in need of WIC services, we have everything you need under one roof, making life easier for you and your entire family.

Helping where Help is Needed

Mary Jo Lancaster, Revenue Systems Analyst at our Central Office, has always been a person that people can depend on. She will do anything to make life easier for those around her, making her a perfect fit for Mountain Park Health Center. Read more to learn more.

Diverse Business Partners Help Eliminate Barriers

By reducing barriers to healthcare, we make the lives of our patients easier. Often, our unique business partnerships are what allow us to break down barriers that affect our patients daily. See who we are working with to help our community.

Overcoming Fears to Help Her Community

It takes courage to overcome a fear of needles and determination to get to where Alicia is today. Find out how working as a medical assistant gave her the strength to help others.