An Easy Way to Fill Prescriptions

Mountain Park helps our patients stay on top of their medication intake. To help with that we’ve implemented an on-site pharmacy kiosk at our Gateway Clinic. Check it out!

Treating Our Patients Like Family

Many of our patients have been coming to our clinic for more than a decade because of the care they receive from our providers. Learn why Maria continues bringing her children to our Baseline Clinic.

Mountain Park Launches Volunteer Program

Mountain Park is always launching new programs to better the overall wellbeing of our patients and employees. This past October, we started our Volunteer Program. Learn more about the program and become a volunteer!

Using Technology to Improve Patient Engagement

It’s been a year since our Patient Engagement team was formed in order to help Mountain Park better serve our patients through the use of technology. Learn about all the things we have accomplished and our goals for 2017.

Keeping Us Happy and Healthy

Did you know that Jennifer has worked at Mountain Park for almost three decades? Thanks to her hard work, Mountain Park has is able to offer our staff and patients some amazing wellness programs.

Helping My Patients Feel at Ease

Dr. Leah Tekle’s mission is to make all her patients love the dentist. See how she is doing it and why Mountain Park is a great fit for her.

Fostering Partnerships in our Community

Building partnerships is the key to successfully meeting community needs. Mountain Park and Island Liaison began their partnership over five years ago and since together they’ve improved the health of the Marshallese community in the Valley.

Free Dental Screenings Reduce Tooth Decay Rates

This past year we launched our integrated dental program. Now, our pediatric patients can get a free dental screening during their well-check visit. Learn more about the program and how we’re helping keep teeth healthy.