New Medical Home Coming to Tempe Community

On Wednesday, September 14, excitement was in the air at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of our new Tempe Clinic scheduled to open in 2017. Check out the highlights and photos from the event.

Christine Wins Personal Achievement Award

Christine Garcia was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes two years ago and with the help from her coworkers, our medical team and her competitive nature she was able to beat the disease. She is now healthier than she has ever been before.

How Helping Others Helped Me

Marivel’s life changed when she joined the Community Ambassadors program. Not only has she been able to help her community, but the community has helped her. Read more to find out more.

Doctor Visits for Your Baby’s First Year

The first year of a child’s life is a hectic one. One important thing for parents to keep in mind is that the well-check up visits are an important part of your child’s growth and development. We’re here to help all of our new parents through the first year and every year after that.

Meet Constance and Love: Importance of a Great Doctor

The Martinez family has been coming to Mountain Park for nine years. Since day one they they were instantly impressed with the care Dr. Rachel Sy provided them with. Find out what Constance had to say about Mountain Park and the care she receives from Dr. Sy.

Diversity Summit Focuses on Authentic Diversity

Mountain Park Health Center’s 6th Annual Diversity Site Council Summit took place on Friday, August 19. This year’s theme was Authentic Diversity. Read this to learn more and check out the photos from the event!

Four Ways to a Successful School Year Start

It’s almost time to go back to school. Dr. Martinez from our Maryvale Clinic is here to share four tips you can do to help your child have a successful start to an awesome school year!

Meet Jazmin: From Patient to Medical Assistant

Meet Jazmin, a patient for more than 15 years, who decided to take part in our Bootcamp program and employee because she loved the care her and her family received from our doctors. Find out why she loves working with us.

Back to School Checkups — Easy as 1, 2, 3!

It’s almost time for your child’s back-to-school check up! Our clinics offer a range of appointment times and locations for your convenience. Read more about our annual back-to-school visits and how we stand out in our healthcare community.

Big Mike with a Big Heart

From working in our clinics to his community outreach, Mike Davis, our Support Desktop Specialist is loved by all, no matter where he goes. To learn more about him read his story.