Achieving Goals One Position at a Time

Monica Castro has held various positions during her time here at Mountain Park. From Women’s Health to Family Medicine and Pediatrics, Monica has experienced just about every department and clinic you can think of within our organization. Monica has worn the shoes of Medical Assistant, Medical Assistant Lead and Obstetrics Case Manager, and recently became our Baseline Clinic’s Operations Supervisor.

“I started working for Mountain Park in 2000 but left briefly to get more experience in other medical areas. I came back in 2003 because I missed the organization and what it stands for,” she told us. “I have done so many different things here and I am really humbled to be where I am today. I enjoyed being an MA float the most because it gave me the opportunity to meet so many different people.”

Monica reminds us all that dreams and goals matter. Mountain Park encourages our employees to pursue their professional goals, and we know all it takes is a vision, positive attitude and the right steps to get there.

“From the start I wanted to grow within the company,” Monica explained. “I never said no to learning new things. I always jumped in, found ways to be involved and network with people. When there was a committee or a team to join, I would join it to give my input and get to know others.”

Monica encourages her colleagues to cross train in multiple positions, get involved in various teams and committees, and learn about the people they work with.

Stronger Together
Because Monica has been a part of the Mountain Park team for so long, she has worked closely with many of our providers and staff. At the beginning of her career she even got to work hand-in-hand with our very own CEO, Dr. John Swagert.

“Back then, Dr. Swagert was a part-time provider that would cover our night clinic because he would take calls at the hospital. I worked with him one-on-one,” she shared. “One night the weather was bad and we lost power. It was dark and we only had the emergency lights on. Dr. Swagert took a patient into the hallway and was able to provide her with the care she needed. That showed me how dedicated he was to serve our patients and I was so proud of being a part of such a wonderful team.”

Amy Nunez, our Training Manager, has worked with Monica for five years in various capacities and has tremendous respect for her.

“I have the upmost trust when working with Monica,” she told us. “I know that when things need to get done, I can reach out to her for help. She is professional and kind when dealing with her peers, staff, and providers alike. And she is extremely knowledgeable in both the clinical and operational aspects of providing care for our patients. Plus, she has a contagious smile and genuine personality.”

Monica is the kind of person you can depend on to get things done. She is extremely organized and never lets things slip through the cracks.


Monica with Alana, Senior Director of Pharmacy and Clinical Informatics, during our Patient Engagement appreciation meeting. 


Dedicated to her work and patients, Monica is known for showing up early and staying late to keep everything organized and on track.

Way Back When
Before working in the medical field, Monica wanted to work as a Corrections Officer because she loves keeping everything in order. That explains a lot…

“I have rules that need to be followed and I have a schedule for everything. It doesn’t matter if I’m at home or work.” she told us. “My work is very important to me.”

Monica has always shown up early and stayed late to ensure all patient rooms and work areas were cleaned and kept organized, especially when it came to patient privacy.

“What’s funny is the staff knew I would look in every station and pod and they would leave me notes,” she recalled. “One note said, ‘Monica, Please stop looking. We got your message. We love you for always acknowledging our hard work and taking care of all the staff.’ That made my day and I loved my job knowing that I can reach out to someone and make a difference.”

Monica is now an active member of our Patient Engagement team, which focuses on empowering patients through technology. As an eCW Champion User (that’s our electronic medical records system), Monica helped with new staff on-boarding, worked with Helpdesk and eCW support and guided her team with all of their basic eCW needs. She provided feedback and assisted in implementation and updates of the whole eCW process, making it easier for our staff to provide coordinated care to our patients.

“Monica has been instrumental in the implementation and sustainability of our eCheck-In process at Baseline, which makes it easier for our patients to get registered in a timely manner and protects their privacy.” Amy told us. “She brings back to the Patient Engagement team the operational insight that is needed to guide our projects and initiatives.”

A Full House
Monica is originally from Salinas, California, but has considered Arizona home for many years. When she was 10-years old her grandmother decided to move here and the whole family followed.
Monica and her husband Jose have been happily married for 12 years and they have nine daughters.

“I have four daughters from my previous marriage and I have five daughters with Jose,” she shared. “My oldest is 24-years old, and our youngest is 2-years old.”

It’s no wonder she likes to keep things in order and organized—with a family that size you have to be on top of it all! The family enjoys spending time together at home. Monica’s family means the world to her and she is proud of the life Jose and she built together.

“Because our weekdays are so busy, we rarely have time to spend quality time together as a family. That’s why we make it a priority to spend weekends together,” she said. “We enjoy relaxing at home or going to the movies.”

Between her new promotion and a full house of kids, Monica couldn’t ask to be in a better place in her life.

“I love working here because Mountain Park really gives back to the community, and the organization is a one-stop-shop with everything from labs to mammograms all under one roof,” she said smiling. “It’s amazing seeing people come to the clinic and leave with smiles on their faces.”

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