Anielka Contreras


I moved to the United States from Nicaragua when I was 7-years old. I grew up between two cultures and have been enriched by both, which has shaped the way I view the world. My family has always supported me and pushed me to reach my goals, and I was the first in my immediate family to receive a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

I have always been a dreamer and I believe that you never stop learning. I have a passion for connecting people and organizations and creating opportunities to make positive change.

In my current role as an Assistant Director of Executive Education and Professional Development at the College of Health Solutions at ASU, I am able to help individuals and organizations improve on what they already do so well. For me, it is critical to have a strong board of directors in any organization and that it represents the community it serves. As a member of the Phoenix community and a patient of Mountain Park I fit both groups.

My wife Nikki and I enjoy experiencing life through the eyes of our “twin-kies,” Ava and Lucas, who keep us busy and on our toes. It takes a village to raise a child and I am thankful to have an entire support system to help shape our children’s lives. My days with my family are filled with adventures. I love exploring, even if it’s my own backyard, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way with grace and a grateful heart.