Helping Connect our Patients to Specialists

For more than 20 years, Shawn Moran, Referral Coordinator at our Gateway Clinic, has been coming to her home away from home. Learn more about Shawn and why she continues to work at Mountain Park.

Without Mountain Park, I don’t know where I’d be

Juan has always wanted to live a life where he didn’t have to battle his uncontrollable blood pressure. It wasn’t until he came to Mountain Park that he was able to get the answers to his health questions.

Celebrating Care Beyond the Clinic

Our annual Diversity Site Council Summit focused on building partnerships that go beyond the clinic and addressed how we, as a community, can build strong relationships and work together to create impactful outcomes.

Finding Compassion through Giving Back

Tyrrell Wagner is on a mission to give back to his community in Low Mountain, a small community in northeastern Arizona’s Navajo Nation. Find out what steps he’s taking to accomplish this.

A Place to Call Home

Mountain Park helps families feel safe, especially after a natural disaster hits. Learn about William and Yadira and how they found us and fell in love from the start.

Fighting Like a Girl

Hermoine is a 15-year old patient at our Baseline Clinic. She is also a boxer and has been knocking people out of the ring for two years. Learn why she loves Mountain Park so much.

Striving to Better Serve our LGBT Patients

As we approach Human Rights Day on December 10, we’d like to share a little of what we are doing to make sure that value is felt by our patients who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual ­or Transgender (LGBT).