Keeping You and Your Future Child Healthy

Research shows that gaining too much weight during pregnancy may put mom and baby at risk for complications. Our registered dietitians are helping our moms stay healthy during their pregnancy.

Fighting Like a Girl

Hermoine is a 15-year old patient at our Baseline Clinic. She is also a boxer and has been knocking people out of the ring for two years. Learn why she loves Mountain Park so much.

Striving to Better Serve our LGBT Patients

As we approach Human Rights Day on December 10, we’d like to share a little of what we are doing to make sure that value is felt by our patients who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual ­or Transgender (LGBT).

Bringing Specialized Care to Mom and Baby

Mountain Park Health Center strives to provide our families with all the resources they need to stay healthy under one roof. We are expanding care to our pregnant moms by improving access and focusing on education. Learn more here.

Fighting Diabetes Through Education

Providing education is a key part of how Mountain Park Health Center cares for our patients. Treating diabetes requires day-to-day knowledge. That is why we offer our patients free diabetes classes. Learn more.

Find Your Voice

Each year our Diversity Site Council Summit showcases the best of what makes our clinics and communities unique. It also provides an opportunity for productive discussion. See what the highlights were from this year.

Chasing a Dream

Mariham has dreamed of working in medicine since she was a little girl. With war in Iraq she had to put that dream on hold for many years. Now she works as a MA at our Tempe Clinic and is working on her sonography degree.