Log in to the Patient Portal here. Use the Patient Portal to: 

Email Your Doctor

How many times have you left the doctor’s office only to remember a question? With the Patient Portal, you can now email your care team follow-up questions, updates on your health or any other information related to your care.

Schedule Appointments

Forget having to call during office hours for doctor’s appointments. Schedule them when it’s convenient for you. Just log into the Patient Portal from your computer or mobile device to schedule your next visit.

Check Your Lab Results

Want to double check something from your last lab test? Pull up your results right from the Patient Portal and review them any time.

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A Message to Our Patients

While checking in to your next appointment at Mountain Park, if you are 18 years or older, you will be asked a series of new questions that will help us better care for you.

These questions focus on issues that can be sensitive, including: sexual orientation (emotional or romantic attraction to others), gender identity (if you identify as a male, female, blend of both or neither), age, race, ethnicity, and information about your living situation.

All of these responses are completely confidential and typically will only need to be answered once a year. They are required for us to ask as a community health center, but you always have the option to decline or not answer the questions you don’t feel comfortable answering.

By completing these questions, you help us understand you as a patient and how we can provide better care for you.