Celebrating the Anniversary of Our Baby Box Program

By: Daniela Arteaga

For many of our families, the arrival of a new baby marks the happiest day of their lives. At times, it can also be a moment of stress and worry if necessary items to care for their little one are not available. Our Baby Box program, which we launched last December, provides our families with some relief knowing that their baby will have a safe place to sleep, as well as clothing and blankets to keep them warm. In addition, parents receive a much-needed healthcare kit which includes a thermometer, medicine dropper and nasal aspirator, all items that are needed during those first early days. We also provide our parents with a wonderful book that offers guidance on those questions every new parent may have in the first year.

I feel very proud being part of an organization that provides new parents with a Baby Box for a healthy and safe beginning.

Every one of our established pregnant moms receives a Baby Box toward the end of their pregnancy. To date, we have given away almost 2,000 Baby Boxes, and here is some of the great feedback we’ve heard from our moms.

“My favorite item in the Baby Box was the wrap. When I opened the box I thought it was so nice. I’ve been coming to the Tempe Clinic for the past eight months and I love everything about it: the care, all the staff, and this awesome gift for us moms.”—Dezirae Kizzee, Tempe Clinic patient.

“I got my Baby Box a few weeks ago and I was so excited. It was like getting a present! My favorite thing is the swaddle–I’ve never seen one before. We tested it with my sister’s baby last week and he fell right asleep.” –Clarissa Soto, Baseline Clinic patient.

“I really like receiving this Baby Box because my son does not like sleeping in his crib, he likes to be near me, so having him sleep next to me in the box has been great! There were so many things in there, but I loved the onesies the best.”—Diana Velasquez de Santiago, Maryvale Clinic patient.

Twelve Months into the Program
Over the last year we have worked hard as a team to make sure every pregnant patient gets a Baby Box. Our patients are informed about the Baby Box at our Women’s Health department at the beginning of their pregnancy. Then, when their due date is near, one of our team members brings them over to our Pediatrics department for a guided tour. A Pediatrician or Medical Assistant answers any questions or concerns our soon-to-be parents may have.

Delivering the Baby Box to our parents is a very rewarding feeling and everyone wants to be a part of it. Our Customer Service Representatives, Medical Assistants, Managers and Providers help our families carry their baby boxes to their vehicles. No matter what item the families love the most, you can see that they appreciate it and are very grateful for the unexpected gift.

We love seeing the impact the Baby Box has on our patients. Their smiles and their faces are full of appreciation when they open the lid and see all the great items that are inside.

Many parents are amazed how a box can be such a great and safe place for their new baby to sleep. Others love the baby carriers, and a father mentioned how great the health kit was. Because the box is so sturdy and colorful, some parents said that once the baby is older they can reuse the box for toys or use it as a memento container.


We've given away close to 2,000 Baby Boxes in 2016!


Our soon-to-be parents love the Baby Box and everything that is in it.

Our Baby Box program has been a great benefit for many new mothers over the past year. It has provided a safe and secure place for newborn babies to sleep and has given our parents peace of mind.

There is not one item in the Baby Box that is not useful for the new mothers and fathers, and the best part is there is no cost for our families. I can only see this wonderful program growing and providing many more families with essential items they need for a happy, safe baby.

Give the Gift of a Baby Box
Share in our joy of providing new mothers with a Baby Box. With your end of the year gift, we will be able to provide the Baby Boxes to more soon-to-be moms.

Mountain Park is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and appreciates your support. A maximum donation of $800 qualifies for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona State return, and helps us provide eight new parents the gift of a healthy start for their new baby. Please consider making a tax credit donation today.

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