An Easy Way to Fill Prescriptions

Did you know that the closest pharmacy to our Gateway Clinic is more than a mile away? A mile may not seem like a lot, but for someone who doesn’t have a car, going that extra mile may just be the reason they don’t pick up important prescriptions that can make or keep them healthy.

Patients without a car are twice as likely to not fill their prescription, and according to a study published in the American Heart Journal, 125,000 people die in this country each year because they don’t take their medications as prescribed.

For nearly 40 years, Mountain Park has been breaking down barriers to quality healthcare. This past year we partnered with Walgreens and opened an on-site pharmacy kiosk inside our Gateway Clinic. Patients can now fill their prescriptions before even leaving their appointment.

“The pharmacy kiosk is a prescription-drug center that dispenses medication for patients and immediately connects them with a pharmacist,” Evan Hood, a Clinical Pharmacist at our Gateway Clinic told us.

The “pharmacy in a box” dispenses 400 of our most commonly prescribed medications, ranging from high blood pressure and diabetes medications to antibiotics and inhalers.

A pharmacist is available via video call.

“This is unique for us,” Evan said. “There are only 13 prescription centers like this nationwide, and Mountain Park was one of the first Community Health Centers in the country to have a Walgreens kiosk on site.”

Just like in a traditional pharmacy, the pharmacist answers any medication-related questions with our patient, but the difference is that it’s done through an instantaneous video call.

The innovative device offers 25 different language options eliminating communication barriers.

Stop by our Gateway Clinic and see it for yourself!

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