Martin Perez Jr.

I believe every person should have access to healthcare. Growing up, my family did not have healthcare, and I saw firsthand the stress and challenges it brought to my family. As an assistant principal at Academia del Pueblo, I now get to witness how this affects my students and the entire community. Being able to represent that voice is important to me as we continue to ensure access to healthcare for all.

My aunt is a patient at our Maryvale Clinic. Had it not been for the services they offer her, she would not be healthy today. Nor would she ensure that her and her grandchildren were making healthy lifestyle decisions. Being a part of the Mountain Park board is personal for me because it directly impacts my family, my neighbors and my students.

I am originally from California, and am grateful to have learned about the melting pot of cultures here in Phoenix. During our free time my wife Eva and I enjoy spending time with our friends, finding new ways to give back to the community, and doing what we can to create equity for the diverse group that calls Arizona home.