Siman Qaasim

As a Somali immigrant, I came to the U.S. as a young child. When people look at me, they see a woman and a person of color, but they don’t realize that my mother’s family has roots in New England, and Europe before that. My family is a blend of seemingly divergent cultures, yet, I continuously come to the conclusion that we have so much more in common than we are different. That is who I am and serving on the Mountain Park board is dear to my heart because the organization and people who work here have such a passion for our community.

Working in public health is something I have done most of my career, both here and abroad. I currently work for a local nonprofit where I focus on advocating for increasing children’s healthcare coverage.

When I am not working, I spend a lot of time with my family. I have a wonderful husband and four amazing children, three boys and a girl. We also have a little kitty. We love to travel and try to visit all of our family spread around the world, from Yemen to the United Kingdom. I also try to grow organic vegetables (unsuccessfully), love listening to my nerdy podcasts and am patiently awaiting another season of Game of Thrones.