Baynazier Ansari, MD

Board Certified

Ross University School of Medicine
Portsmouth, Dominica

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Richmond, VA

Baseline and Maryvale

I grew up in Queens, NY as a first-generation American in an Afghani family. When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher, but eventually grew to take my passion for working with children to the medical field. My family and I went to a community health center when I was growing up, so Mountain Park was an easy fit for me. I like that we offer so many services to our patients to truly serve their needs. I feel like I can relate to our patients, and love the ability to collaborate with other healthcare professionals in the clinc. Everybody works together!

I am married with two little girls, and when I’m not at work I love being outside with my family. We like to explore outdoor activities, like hiking South Mountain. I also enjoy reading when I have extra free time. I grew up in a very multicultural area, and have moved around the country a bit. One thing that most people might not know about me was that I worked on Sesame Street when I was a kid!