Ben De Jesus, LCSW

Arizona State University
Brigham Young University


When I was in college I really got interested in social work. The classes were fun and I enjoyed going to the lectures. I learned quickly that everyone has problems to deal with in life and it’s important not to judge others. This is because you never know what obstacles the person standing next to you might be facing.

What I like most about my job is helping people deal with problems—no matter how big or small—and guiding them to get past those stressors. I believe that a therapeutic relationship is key to healing. Building a new relationship can give you the support needed to accept the unchangeable and make the changes toward a value-oriented, meaningful life. At Mountain Park, I am able to help our patients do just that. It also helps that my entire team is so supportive and that makes coming to work such a joy.

Outside of Mountain Park, I have my own practice. I work six days a week and am only off on Sundays. On those days, I really cherish my time with my wife and children. We have three kids—two boys and one girl. I also enjoy listening to audiobooks.