Bill Rosenfeld, LPC

Senior Director of Integrated Health

Colorado State University


Basketball was a large part of my youth. I wanted to be an NBA point guard when I was young and remember my father and I watching Paul Westphal score nearly 50 points for the Suns at a game in 1977!

Assisting people has always been a passion of mine and our mission at Mountain Park is very dear to me. I believe that the staff here has always been interested in the mind-body connection being a greater part of our health care system.

I am a fourth generation native of Phoenix and my children, Lauren and Ty, are fifth generation natives. I enjoy bass fishing, basketball, and woodworking. All of which I enjoy most with my kids. And, although notoriously bad at it, I do like to golf. I have been deployed to do balloon animals at children’s birthday parties. Also, please do not ask me to do balloon animals for children’s parties. I am retired from that gig.