Cheng Zhong, MD

Board Certified

Saba University School of Medicine

East Carolina University


Growing up I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to be, but my mom was a doctor, so I was pretty familiar with that environment. In grad school I decided to be part of the medical field, because I enjoy talking to people, I’m a very friendly, happy person, and I like to help others. After my residency, I was looking for a similar, friendly environment that served communities that needed it the most – that’s how I came to Mountain Park. And I was right, it’s a very rewarding job.

My wife and I just moved to Phoenix, we both work here and we have started to get to know a lot of people. In my free time I like to learn about computers, personal finance, how to invest, that type of thing. Oh, and politics, I like knowing about international and American politics, it’s all so interesting to me.

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