Corey Steinberg, MD

St. George’s University

Mayo Clinic


My interest in medicine started when I was young. After witnessing many health-related events within my family, I felt a strong connection to the medical profession. Now that I am a member of Mountain Park, I am extremely excited to help others. Working here has been a wonderful experience, from the excellent staff to the wonderful new clinic, I’ve been given tools to deliver the best of care.
I am from Montreal, Canada but have lived in New Jersey and Florida before making Arizona my new home with my fiancé. We recently adopted a 3-month old puppy from a local shelter named Jazzy. As much as I enjoy work I think it’s equally important to enjoy life. I am a big sports fan and a huge supporter of Montreal Canadiens and the Dallas Cowboys. I love to explore and try new restaurants, some would call me a foodie. When I am not eating you can find me outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather or at the gym. I’m also bilingual and speak English and French.