Denise Glassmoyer, PsyD

Argosy University
Phoenix, AZ


Both my dad and husband served in the military, and I grew up mostly in Norfolk, Virginia. I’ve always wanted to understand people and be able to help them, so I decided to be a psychologist. I have a husband, two children and a grandbaby, and most of my family still lives in Virginia. I have a strong interest in health psychology and I like collaborating with others.

When I shadowed at Mountain Park, I thought, “I wish everyone had access to this type of healthcare. It focuses on mind, body and wellness.” In my spare time I like to hike and make jewelry. I also love to travel, and have friends all over the country so I always have a couch to stay on. I think it’s important to face your fears, so I jumped out of an airplane to face my own fear of heights. It was so quiet up there, and it was an amazing experience.