Kathy Sahnas, NP

Board Certified

Arizona State University


My father was born in Greece and my mother was Greek, but born in the USA and raised in Mexico – so I had a very multicultural upbringing. I have nine siblings and grew up with about 80 dogs since we would take in all the strays. When I was little, I thought I would be a secretary and make people coffee but then someone in my family said I’d make a good nurse, so I went back to school to become one. I graduated with my Master’s Degree at 40-years old. An old classmate told me that Mountain Park was a wonderful place to work, so I applied. I love working here! I love the services we provide the entire community we serve.

In my free time, I love riding horses, reading and playing Jai-Alai. I play piano and guitar. I love pets – dogs, cats, horses. Oh, and I really love the Whopper Jr. with cheese!