Marisol Ibarra, PharmD


Touro College of Pharmacy


As a child growing up in Texas, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I loved animals and knew I wanted to help them. As I got older I had to help my mom deal with her health issues,  often acting as a translator since she didn’t speak English. That’s when I realized that I wanted to get into the healthcare field and be able to use my ability to speak both English and Spanish to help a large number of people.

I believe that a pharmacist is an important bridge between the patient and the provider. As a Clinical Pharmacist at Mountain Park I am able to set a good example and help those who really need it. I’m able to ensure there isn’t a communication gap and work with the Care Team to help care for the patient as a whole.

To date, I’m still an animal lover and my husband and I have a dog we rescued while living in Puerto Rico and a cat we rescued in Texas. I’m also a foodie and enjoy both, eating and cooking. I also love international films, arts and crafts, and traveling.

Although I’m serious about caring for my patients, I like to think that I’m fun to be around. I also believe that your smile is the window to your soul.

Fun Fact: I speak both English and Spanish fluently, have taken French in school, and hope to one day be able to speak five languages, including Korean.