Mary Hunt, RD

Arizona State University


I am a native of Arizona and currently live in Central Phoenix. I have lived all over the Valley, but my favorite place is Phoenix because I love the diversity of this city. I enjoy riding my beach cruiser downtown to the farmers market and trying new restaurants. I also have a boxer named Gracey that brings me a lot of joy. Something people may not know about me is that I have always wanted to be an opera singer.

Throughout my childhood I was always involved in music. I played flute in the school band and the Metropolitan Youth Symphony. I was also involved in many choirs and still enjoy singing in church.

I didn’t have very good eating habits while growing up and in my early 20s I gained a lot of weight. I went to see a Dietitian to help educate me so I could change my eating habits and become healthier. Unfortunately I didn’t have a good experience, but it inspired me to become a Dietitian. My mission is to educate patients about research-based nutrition principles, develop healthy relationships with food, and encourage people to be comfortable with their bodies at any size. During my internship with Mayo Clinic, I was exposed to integrative-based care and that is what enticed me to become employed with Mountain Park.