Michelle Byers, NP


Arizona State University


When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian, because I have always loved and cared for animals. I went into pediatric healthcare because I enjoy caring for children. I think children are so resilient and honest, and it is wonderful being able to help them develop into healthy adults. I love Mountain Park because they really care about the community. They work hard to reduce barriers to healthcare. I also love that they keep up with healthcare trends. Finally, I love that they care about their employees and our well-being – I couldn’t be happier with this organization!

My fiancé and I have 4 dogs, all of them rescues. Animal welfare, advocacy, and rescue is very important to both of us. I’m definitely a family girl, and I love spending time with my brother and parents as often as possible. Fitness, health, and an active lifestyle are top priorities for me. I like to cook also, especially finding ways to make my favorite recipes healthier. I think what makes me-me is that I was raised by two of the most awesome parents. They gave my brother and I an amazing and well-rounded upbringing. They believed we could do anything we wanted, but also made sure that we worked hard. Because of them, I was able to put in the dedication needed to obtain my doctorate degree and have a happy, balanced life overall.

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