Nancy Shaver, PNP

Board Certified

Arizona State University
University of Arizona
Phoenix College

Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Pediatric Associates


I’m the product of two wonderful parents and was born into a great family in New York City. When I was 5 years old I was given a golden book called “Nurse Nancy” and at that moment I was destined to become a nurse. I progressed to be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Mountain Park Pediatrics is a perfect fit for me as I also have a Masters Degree in Public Health with an emphasis on Community Health, and Mountain Park is a Community Health Center.

As far as my personal time, I have a son and daughter that are both adults now. I enjoy working out and working with my animals: two horses, 2 Dobermans, one cat, and my boyfriend of thirteen years owns a mule. Believe it or not, my favorite form of relaxation is cleaning horse stalls.