Sarah Stookey, PhD

Integrated Behavioral Health Manager

Temple University
Philadelphia, PA


I grew up in Maryland, just outside of DC. From a young age, I wanted to be a psychologist because we had a family friend who was, and I adored her. During my training, I became interested in the medical side of psychology through working with older adults and seeing how their medical issues impacted their psychological issues and vice versa. Years later, I had the opportunity to apply these same principles to people of all ages, working as a behavioral health consultant for the Air Force. Now I continue doing the same work for Mountain Park. I love the integrated model and how it allows us to give more complete care to our patients.

I have three teenage children, including two with special needs, and a houseful of cats and dogs that keep me on my toes. Most people don’t know that I have a black belt in Karate, which I studied with my children when we were on the East Coast.

One of the things that I feel strongly about is that it is important to find or make something positive out of even the most difficult situations, because we all need hope and to feel a sense of control in our lives. I enjoying helping people to find ways to laugh and I believe in not taking myself too seriously.