Stacy Minji Park, PharmD

Midwestern University


My main goal is to help people eliminate barriers and stay healthy. I was born in South Korea, moved to Argentina when I was 12, and then to Los Angeles in high school. As an immigrant I can relate to so many of our patients. English is not my first language, so I understand what it’s like not being able to communicate with others. As a Korean, Spanish and English speaker, I’m able to help our patients understand their medicines and healthcare needs.

I am married and we have a young daughter. Some of my family lives in Boston and a lot of them are still in Los Angeles. I enjoy working out and recently started Zumba, but I’m not very good at it. It doesn’t matter though, because I always have a good time and laugh while I’m exercising. Our family enjoys traveling and we like to visit new places like Colorado whenever we have time.

I began working for Mountain Park many years ago part time. I did one of my rotations at the Baseline Clinic where I learned all about community health centers, and immediately knew that was the setting I wanted to work in. I realized this was a place where I could help people who are from other places and those that didn’t deserve to have access to affordable care. I love our patients, and feel so lucky to be doing something I really enjoy.