Uriel Castañeda, MD

University of Washington, School of Medicine

Emory University School of Medicine


When I was young I traveled by vehicle to my family’s hometown in central Mexico every summer. I witnessed the everyday struggles of my people on both sides of the border. It motivated me to pursue a career in which I could serve others. I wanted to specifically serve through medicine; it felt like a calling. Before joining Mountain Park I paid close attention to all the work the organization was doing and how it was willing to engage with the community. I was also attracted to Mountain Park because of how much it values diversity

Working in healthcare has taught me that simply prescribing a medication won’t improve my patients’ health. My patients and I work as a team. I listen carefully to their needs and make sure they feel empowered with their health. If I don’t know an answer right away I will research further and consult other providers.

I’m getting better at managing my time. When I am home, I dedicate my time to my wife and daughter. When I am at work, my time is for my patients.

If I weren’t working in healthcare I would be working in construction alongside my family or as a teacher.