Victor Provencio

Pharmacy Manager

University of Arizona


As a third generation copper miner, I remember being a little boy and my father telling me that I will not follow suit, that I will get an education and work somewhere where it’s cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and where I am respected and can help others. At that moment we were driving by a pharmacy and I started asking questions.

Mountain Park is a fulfilling place to work because it’s a community center and you can tell that the people who work here make it a priority to do what’s best for the patient.

I have been married for 34 years and I have four kids and eight grandkids. Outside of being with my family I love riding my bike and reading Sci-Fi. People should know that if you want to work somewhere where you are happy getting up in the morning then Mountain Park is definitely it. My wife asked me the other day if I’m happy with this new job and I told her “Yes.” She said that was the first time she has ever heard me say those words to that question.