Will Innocent, MD



I grew up in Haiti until I was 19, and consider myself a professional immigrant. I was told from day one that I would grow up to be a physician, and that’s always something I’ve strived to accomplish.

I enjoy interacting with people and believe it’s important to put the patient first. I have worked in other community health centers before and it’s always been a great experience. I love the model at Mountain Park, the policies that put the patient first, the setting we work in and the fact that quality healthcare is an option for all. I believe that as humans, everyone deserves a chance and that your nationality or origin shouldn’t make a difference.

I am married and my wife is also a family physician. When I’m not at work I love singing gospel. In fact, I just celebrated my 35th anniversary with my gospel group from Honduras. I’ve sung for the rich and for the poor, for the famous, even presidents…everyone is the same to me.

I am always curious about people and look forward to getting to know everyone for who they are. I see something special in everybody.