2018 Diversity & Inclusion Assessment Report

Mountain Park Health Center strives to make access to care for our community attainable. We work together to clearly articulate our work and be a value-based organization. Our mission ensures that Mountain Park is inclusive, welcoming and encompasses our value to stay connected to our communities. By meaningfully engaging our patients, staff and partners to remove barriers and create healthier communities, we are helping our patients attain their health goals while feeling welcomed, respected and connected.
  • Welcomed

    We don’t believe anyone should be left out, which is why we invest resources to better understand our community and their needs. Helping our patients overcome language barriers is one way we do this.

  • Respected

    Our goal is to provide affordable healthcare in a way that shows respect, understanding and care. Everyone at Mountain Park receives training in cultural sensitivity and adaptability to make our patients feel at ease and listened to.

  • Connected

    The voices of our patients and communities are important to us. See how we come together to improve our communities.

Forward Progress

Moving from Equality to Equity in our Communities

Mortality Rate

Formerly Incarcerated


LGBTQ Patient Care


Community Ambassadors

Formerly Incarcerated Patient Care

Focusing our time, energy and resources on formerly incarcerated patients has given us more knowledge about what this group needs from a medical home. We have a duty to play a part in improving negative health outcomes for this population, including elevating voices of our formerly incarcerated community members.

  • Established new partnerships with ACLU and Hopes Crossing, to name a few.
  • Hosted Diversity Dialogue at our Maryvale Clinic in partnership with ACLU to help educate staff.
  • Formerly Incarcerated patient care presentation provided at all manager’s meeting.
  • Established Formerly Incarcerated Employee/Partner Workgroup.
  • Provided a clinic tour for formerly incarcerated community members to simulate patient experience and learn from their perspective to improve delivery of care and services.

In October we hosted the AZ Town Hall on Criminal Justice Reform

LGBTQ Patient Care

We continued to challenge the ordinary in our efforts to improve care for our LGBTQ community. While Mountain Park is mandated to collect sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) information from our patients for reporting purposes, we have invested in going much further.

  • All Mountain Park providers completed the Creating a Welcoming Healthcare Environment for LGBTQ Individuals training.
    “The main difference between Mountain Park and other organizations is that the average pre-test score is on the higher end.” – Quality Interactions representative

    Creating a Welcoming Environment for LGBTQ Individuals

  • All non-clinical Mountain Park employees will complete Creating a Welcoming Healthcare Environment for LGBTQ Patients training in 2019.
  • SOGI workgroup collaborated with Mountain Park’s Medical Legal Partnership to develop LGBTQ legal tool kit and resources to address legal issues impacting LGBTQ patients and developed a SOGI pediatric workflow.
  • Dr. Johnathan Manwaring presented at Diversity Dialogue on Transgender Patient Care.
What was the most beneficial about today’s presentation?
“It gave me reason to pause and think about how every transgender patient is at a different stage when transitioning.”
“The two case study examples about the importance of asking a full patient history.”
“Seeing that people were listening and wanting to learn about our LGBT community was amazing.”

Community Ambassadors

This year we focused on building and engaging our staff beyond the clinic. According to the Engagement Institute “Disengaged employees cost organizations between $484 and $605 billion annually.” In 2017, Gallup also found that 67 percent of employees were disengaged at their place of work.

At Mountain Park, 80 percent of employees believe that our Community Ambassadors program (employee volunteer program) has led to a deeper understanding and connection to the communities we serve. The guiding principles service over self and making time for human connection are reasons we believe embedding ourselves in the communities we serve is a high priority for Mountain Park.

  • New platform launched to leverage technology for employee volunteers.
  • 45 new volunteer opportunities created.
  • 513.25 total volunteer hours provided to the community by 186 employees.
  • 80 hours of volunteer time off utilized by 30 employees.
  • 26 newly established volunteer partnerships.
  • 6 Mountain Park employees joined boards and commissions.
  • Over 30 employees engaged through our Community Ambassadors Committee.

Community Ambassador Board & Coalition Spotlights

  • Text

    Dr. Uriel Castañeda

    Maryvale Clinic
    Open Hearts Family Care Board Member

    “I think it’s great to get our employees engaged in the community. It empowers the employee and places value on their work because they are representing Mountain Park.”

  • Text

    Ted Gutierrez

    Referral Coordinator:
    Tempe Clinic
    Tempe Homeless Coalition Member

    “I know what it’s like to be homeless. I know what it’s like to help a person who is homeless but being on the coalition allows me to see how it is to manage the resources that help the homeless.”

  • Text

    Dr. Mandy Oliden

    Maryvale Clinic
    Aguila Youth Leadership Institute Board of Directors

    “Being on the board means I am actively trying to help find funds and new ways to help Aguila grow. I also give some of my time with prepping students for the math section of the ACT/SAT exams and am the pre-med pathways director. It makes me feel fulfilled. I truly love it!”

  • Text

    Charles Hardy

    Operations Manager:
    Gateway Clinic
    Garfield Coalition

    “Being a part of this coalition allows me to support the local community as well as support the mission of Mountain Park. We really want to start advocating with the local government for changes that will help to reduce the barriers in the community that lead to cycles of poverty.”

Making Time for Human Connection

We value being welcoming, respectful and connected, whether it’s through our ongoing opportunities for our staff to connect, learn and expose themselves to inclusive development and learning, or taking the spirit of care beyond the clinic to our community partners.

Patient Survey

“I really like Mountain Park. They have always made me feel comfortable and welcomed.”


Employee Survey Feedback

Are you provided with the tools needed to do your job in a culturally appropriate manner?
Clinical Provider Staff Responses of “Yes.”


How prepared do you feel in meeting the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender patients?
Clinical Provider Staff Responses of “Not Prepared” decreased by 83 percent.


  • 0
    new staff in 2018 completed the Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Adaptability training

    “I have attended many company sponsored diversity trainings in the past and ours is the best by far. Courtney was an excellent presenter and truly made the training inclusive, relaxing, safe and enlightening.”

    Nancy Hagener, Psy.D.
    Integrated Behavioral Health Manager
    Baseline Clinic
    employees attended the 17th Annual Diversity Leadership Alliance Conference

  • 0
    staff in 2018 participated in Diversity Dialogues

    “I have been very impressed with Mountain Park Health Center and most importantly the Diversity and Community Affairs team and its outreach to the community in developing partnership within our community to serve those in need. Each event that I attend has really inspired me to continue working toward a mutually beneficial partnership and I look forward to continuing to discuss this opportunity with you.”
    – Laura C. Bulluck, Chief Executive Officer, Hope’s Crossing

staff and community members attended the AZ Town Hall on Criminal Justice Reform that took place at our Baseline Clinic


“What attracted me to Mountain Park was the mission of giving back to the community. I love being able to help our patients, and the patients appreciated that help. Seeing their faces light up makes my day. I also love that we honor diversity and inclusion. It’s nice to come to work and not be judged for who I am.”
– Tyrrell Wagner, Medical Assistant Lead, Baseline Clinic

Partnerships & Support

  • million dollar teacher project
    Many community partnerships help Mountain Park extend our care beyond clinic walls.

    In 2018, Mountain Park partnered with the Million Dollar Teacher Project allowing us to engage with more than 20 schools and over 1,000 teachers, students, families and Mountain Park employees. Through volunteering, tabling at events–including over 600 in-class dental screenings at Solano Elementary School in the Osborn School District–and teacher recognition events, we were able to build strong relationships throughout the valley.

    • Pictured Above: Mountain Park sponsored the Take a Teacher to Lunch event for Alhambra Granada Elementary.

  • south phoenix healthy start
    In Maricopa County, African-American babies are 2.5 times more likely than non-Hispanic white babies to die before the age of one.

    Many factors play a role in babies surviving to celebrate their first year and beyond.

    “The partnership between South Phoenix Healthy Start and Mountain Park has been a rewarding experience for both organizations thanks in part to the Baseline Clinic Diversity Site Council. Our shared goal in reducing infant mortality has provided both education and services to the South Phoenix community. Mountain Park’s emphasis on extending care beyond the clinic has strengthened participation in the South Phoenix Healthy Start program by establishing a vital referral process and lead to support for mothers during and after their pregnancy.”
    – Hadith Zalzala, South Phoenix Healthy Start Outreach Coordinator

    • Pictured Above: Hadith Zalzala and Mountain Park staff* at the South Phoenix Healthy Start partner appreciation dinner.

Mountain Park was proud to sponsor 15 events in 2018, including:

Elevating Voices

2018 Diversity Site Council Summit

Mountain Park Employee Quote:

“I want to express my gratitude for the invitation to the Diversity Site Council Summit. My experience was amazing and unforgettable. I am very proud to be a part of the Mountain Park family and hope to attend many more in the future.” – Tamara Baca, Dental Hygienist, Maryvale Clinic

Supporting our LGBTQ Community

As members of One Community, Mountain Park signed on in support of an amicus brief (friend of the Court) to support the City of Phoenix’s non-discrimination ordinance that prohibits businesses from discriminating based on sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. In June, the Arizona Court of Appeals unanimously ruled in favor of the City and upheld the ordinance.

Mountain Park later also signed on to an Op-ed titled “Why Arizona needs an inclusive non-discrimination policy” in the Phoenix Business Journal.

We are proud to be part of such important example of advocating for creating inclusion within and outside of Mountain Park.

Our employees and their children participated in the annual Phoenix Pride event.

Language Access Impact

Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals are often marginalized or excluded from receiving many services, but at Mountain Park, we believe part of elevating voices and the pursuit of excellence is providing our patients with the ability to effectively communicate in their language of preference.


spoken by patients

speak a language other than English


required interpretation

in full-time or dual-role positions

We continue to invest in our internal Medical Interpreter Training program to provide employees with the ability to effectively and confidently interpret on behalf of our patients.

Building for Today & Tomorrow:
2019 and Beyond

Health Justice

Healthcare institutions of the future will need a greater level of strategic responsiveness to effectively address health inequities and the social determinants of health. While we strive to provide access to care for all medically underserved communities, we will focus on addressing barriers for formerly incarcerated individuals. We know mortality rates in the first two weeks after release from correctional facilities can be as high as 12 times the general population in some communities. We believe this will position Mountain Park as a leader in decreasing stigma, increasing access to care and increasing our ability to connect formerly incarcerated patients to useful resources that address frequent barriers such as housing and employment.

Employee & Community Reinvestment

We understand that the social determinants of health require us to be in and of the community to understand, adapt, and address barriers to health both inside and outside of our clinic walls. By considering the same social determinants of health barriers our patients face similarly impact many of our employees, we can strive to be the type of employer that invests in easing the financial burden of childcare while creating a supportive workplace for our employee parents and caregivers. We believe this will increase job satisfaction, positively impact recruitment and retention quality staff, improve customer service and enhance the patient experience.

Language Access Enhancement

Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients experience higher rates of medical errors and overall lower quality of care than their English-speaking counterparts. With 73 languages spoken by Mountain Park patients, high quality language access is a critical element of providing welcoming, respectful and connected access to care for LEP patients. Continuing to invest in our medical interpreter training program gives us a competitive advantage while creating greater capacity to address patient needs and improving employee retention. We believe this will enhance the patient experience, create financial efficiencies and contribute to retaining quality staff.

Creating a Sense of Place

Many healthcare institutions lack a true connection to communities they serve. Without alliances and partnerships, resources are underleveraged and communities and organizations are disengaged. Placemaking describes an approach to making intentional connections between people and the places they share. Read more here. We approach creating a sense of place by cultivating and leveraging community partnerships and creating opportunities to serve in the community. We believe these efforts will enhance trust in our community and provide greater employee engagement.