Overcoming Fears to Help Her Community

It takes courage to overcome a fear of needles and determination to get to where Alicia is today. Find out how working as a medical assistant gave her the strength to help others.

Fighting Like a Girl

Hermoine is a 15-year old patient at our Baseline Clinic. She is also a boxer and has been knocking people out of the ring for two years. Learn why she loves Mountain Park so much.

Drink Up! It’s Time to Turn up the Heat

Arizona is known for its sky-high summer temperatures. We at Mountain Park know how important it is to stay hydrated during these dreaded summer months. Sandeep Kaur, Registered Dietitian at our Gateway Clinic, discussed how people can prevent dehydration during the hottest times of the year.

My Journey From Cuba

From Cuba to Mountain Park. Learn how being determined can get you to where you want to be in life.

How Nutrition Danced Into My Heart

Alyssa Ward, Nutrition Service Coordinator at WIC loves working at Mountain Park because she can advocate for her community. Learn more about Alyssa and her family.

Promotoras Go the Extra Mile to Help Our Patients

Our promotoras are the link between our providers and the communities and always go the extra mile to help our patients. Find out more about our unique promotora program and what it means to our patients.

Embracing the Past to Improve the Future

Through all the obstacles that life has thrown his way, Ted, Referral Coordinator at our Tempe Clinic, doesn’t let anything get him down. Find out all about Ted and see how he is helping people lead more positive lives.