Back to School Checkups — Easy as 1, 2, 3!

July 22, 2016 |

The first day of school is just around the corner which means it’s time for your child’s back to school checkup! We take pride in giving our pediatric patients the best possible care. With eight clinics around the Valley, parents always have convenient access to affordable primary healthcare.

“We always encourage our patients to come in for an annual physical and bring in their children for theirs, and back to school season is the perfect time to do it,” Stephanie Lesser, a Nurse Practitioner at our Maryvale Clinic, told us. “It’s important to have a consistent care provider that can follow your family’s health history. Seeing a pediatrician every year allows your children to stay on top of immunizations and make sure that they are on track with their growth, weight and overall development.”

Annual and Sports Checkups
Summertime is the best time to visit the doctor and schedule a regular or sport-focused physical. Wait times tend to be shorter since parents aren’t rushing to get their kids in just before the school year starts.

Our youngest patients love coming to Mountain Park. 

A sports clearance physical consists of a more focused exam targeted on joint, muscle and cardiovascular health. The bi-annual exam for students who play spring and fall sports helps athletes avoid injury from undiagnosed conditions and have an overall clean health record.

Dental exams are an important part of a healthy routine. We offer our parents on-the-spot pediatric dental care at three of our clinics.

At each visit, our doctors and nurse practitioners also check vision, go over height and weight measurements and might suggest a dental visit to keep smiles healthy and bright.

“Just how it’s important to take care of your body, we encourage dentist visits to make sure your teeth are in the best shape possible,” Stephanie said. “We have dentists at our Maryvale, Baseline and Christown clinics. Our Baseline and Maryvale clinics offer an awesome integrated dental program that floats a dentist from room to room in our pediatric department. It makes it really easy for parents to get everything done in one visit.”

A Little Nudge
After a long time away from school, children may need a little extra nudge from parents to get them back into school mode. We are here to help by giving our families the resources they need to make the school year a success. Whether a child is going to kindergarten or off on their first college adventure, anxiety, stress and poor eating habits frequently follow. Our whole-patient approach ensures families have access to every aspect of healthcare. We’re able to bring dietitians, behavioral health specialists and now even a dentist right into the exam room, giving parents the comfort of knowing their child is on track for a healthy year ahead.

“If a child hates school lunches, for example, and isn’t eating, we give parents alternative snack options that kids can bring to school so they aren’t hungry,” Stephanie said. “Our behavioral health specialists are great at checking with families for kids who have a little anxiety about going back to school, or maybe have poor sleeping habits and headaches.”

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