Meet Our Board Of Directors

Serving on our Board of Directors means being a part of our Mountain Park family. It means being active in and around our community. Our board is a working board, and is made up of individuals with varying backgrounds, all dedicated to our mission of serving our community. We value the diverse perspectives our board members bring to the decisions we make together. Learn more about our individual board members below.


Darren (2nd from right), a local police officer, with his wife and the Temptations at Child Help Ball.

Darren Viner

Phoenix Police Department
Member since: 2016

I have worked in law enforcement since 1993. As the Commander of the Phoenix Police Department’s Black Mountain Precinct, I am responsible for patrol operations servicing approximately 250,000 residents, of the northern portion of the City of Phoenix.  I bring a unique perspective when addressing certain issues within the communities Mountain Park serves.

I am married with five children, and one of my greatest passions is music. I also have a love/hate relationship with golf, depending on how the day on the course goes. I thoroughly enjoy serving on the Mountain Park board.  I have learned over the years that Mountain Park has a heart of service, and a standard of excellence in providing that service to our community.


Dr. Lindor joined the board to help give people the equal opportunity at a healthy life.

Dr. Keith Lindor

Vice Chair
Arizona State University

Member since: 2018

As a physician, it has always been important for me to surround myself with like-minded people. For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in how to best serve and improve the health of my patients. I found out about Mountain Park through a colleague in 2009 and since I have in some way been involved with the organization. In my eyes, Mountain Park has always been a team-oriented and forward-thinking organization that focuses on giving people an equal opportunity at a healthy life.

I have worked in various capacities as a gastroenterologist and educator at Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University. After 7 years as the dean of the Mayo Medical School at Rochester, Minn., my wife and I moved to Arizona. I was given the opportunity to join ASU as an executive vice provost. Three months into my new role, College of Health Solutions was created and I became the founding dean helping develop the School of Science of Healthcare Delivery. Currently, I work in the provost office as a senior advisor helping coordinate ASU's health-related activities and trying to serve as a bridge between ASU and the community, improving health.

In the early 80s, my wife and I wanted to break away from the constant cycle of school and thought to leave the east coast. We learned that the Indian Health Services in Southern Arizona had two openings, so we jumped at the chance to relocate for a year. After our flight, as we were driving through Tucson we felt like we landed on the moon. Coming from North Carolina, where it's lush and green, it was a shock seeing the desert so vast and brown. We called Arizona our home, our son was even born here and later, my daughter came to ASU to do a dual medical and law degree that the university was offering. Having that early experience is what made moving to Arizona easier.

My wife Noralane, who was a medical geneticist at Mayo Clinic (recently retired), and I met in med school in 1975. We have two children and three grandchildren. Our son lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his son and my daughter is here in Arizona with her husband, daughter and son. We really enjoy spending time with the grandchildren, gardening and landscaping.


Kevin (left) with our CEO, Dr. John Swagert at a fundraising event in 2013.

Kevin Camberg, CPA

Fester Chapman, P.C.
Member since: 2015

Working and volunteering in the nonprofit sector is an important part of my life. I joined the Mountain Park Board of Directors because I understand how impactful community health centers are and I wanted to help make a difference in the lives of those in my community. The mission of helping others have access to healthcare is something that inspired me to join this specific board.

I have worked in finance for many years. My daily life revolves around helping community health centers and other nonprofits stay on track financially. I assist them in planning for the future from a financial perspective and help them to see where their organization can grow successfully and maximize the number of people they serve.

Outside of Mountain Park and my work I enjoy volunteering and staying connected to the community. One organization I love volunteering for is Rancho Feliz where I get opportunity to travel to Agua Prieta, Mexico, and help build homes and orphanages.

Every day I get to go home to my beautiful wife. We have two children who learned the importance of volunteerism at an early age. We are all runners, so you may spot us at the annual Mountain Park race as a family. Other than running, I love to play tennis and basketball. I also enjoy watching Phoenix teams like Diamondbacks, Suns and Cardinals.


Ahmed (Middle Right) with his family.

Ahmed Al-Zubidi 

Arizona State University

Member since: 2020

I have been a Mountain Park patient for as long as I can remember. My parents brought me to see Dr. Carter when I was still little and from the first moment, I knew this was a great place to be. I knew at the age of 6 that I could trust him, and our relationship developed over the years. I’ve never been in a place where I feel as comfortable and open with the medical Care Team.

I became involved in the Mountain Park board thanks to Dr. Carter. He approached me one day and encouraged me to apply, telling me I would be a great fit for the organization. I like helping people and believe I have the ability to bring a younger perspective and view to the organization.
I am a student at ASU, studying Criminology and Criminal Justice. I one day hope to be a defense attorney. There is so much injustice in the court room, and a lot of it is tied to diversity and inequality, and I want to be a part of the change.

I have four siblings; I’m the middle child and I love spending time with my family. When I’m not studying, I enjoy nature, especially fishing and traveling. I think Hawaii has been one of my favorite places to visit and I hope to soon travel to Bora Bora or Bali. I also love sports, anything from boxing to basketball and football.


Dr. Omar Escontrías brings a public health and nonprofit background to the Mountain Park board.

Dr. Omar A. Escontrías

American Dental Education Association

Member since: 2020

I was born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States with my mother when I was 6-years old.

We lived in Tucson until 2010 when I moved up to Phoenix after obtaining my master's of public health in epidemiology to work as an infectious disease epidemiologist. I have a long history of working in public health government as well as nonprofits. I have worked at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS). After obtaining my doctorate in public health policy and management, I moved to Washington, D.C. to work in public policy for the American Dental Education Association.

In the past, I’ve worked very closely with Federally Qualified Health Centers like Mountain Park on ways to improve chronic disease management and social determinants of health. I am passionate about helping communities manage diabetes, as I oversaw this initiative for the ADHS. A colleague who is a current board member told me about Mountain Park and the work it conducts with patients with diabetes and the importance of prevention and education. Diabetes prevention is very important to me. At age 25, I was diagnosed with prediabetes and I wanted to make a change in communities outside my professional career, so I became a Zumba fitness instructor. I love it because I get to inspire people through health and fitness. I’m always told, “I don’t have any rhythm,” but I tell my students it’s not about the choreography, it’s about having fun and letting go of whatever stressors you might have in your life right now.

I want to improve the health of our communities and I strongly believe everyone should have access to quality, affordable healthcare. I look forward in helping Mountain Park take a bigger role in policy and advocacy changes.


Emiliano and Jazmin attending a health fair at the Mexican Consulate.

Emiliano Espino

Arizona State University

Member since: 2019

I first got involved with Mountain Park Health Center when the organization hosted College Night at the Maryvale Clinic. I got the opportunity to present about my financial aid that evening. I loved the people I presented it to and wanted to continue working with Mountain Park to improve the community. I grew up in Maryvale and have seen the disparities firsthand.

I have a lot of knowledge on what the healthcare system looks like for kids from low-income families, especially those living with chronic conditions. I am pre-diabetic and have thyroid conditions myself and I know it can be hard to find an affordable, quality healthcare provider. I want to make an impact on the healthcare sytem. My hope is that Mountain Park can provide everyone a comprehensive prevention program that focuses on healthy eating and education for high school students, while improving literacy to prevent healthcare barriers.

Family is huge to me and I like to spend as much time with them as possible. I also love music and going to concerts.


Roger (right) presenting awards at our Run/Walk.

Roger Grancorvitz

Community Member

Member since: 2016

Serving our communities is a way for me to stay in touch and make a positive difference. Growing up in a low-income household, my parents really had to know where to cut corners. Oftentimes, we had to go without and getting sick was not an option. I remember as a child that going to the doctor always seemed to put a financial strain on my family, even with well-check visits.

Being a part of Mountain Park Health Center, and working to make healthcare attainable to all hits home for me. I have worked in healthcare for more than 30 years, 13 of those working in hospitals and the last 18 in hospice and palliative care.

I am a father of two teenage daughters and am married to a spectacular woman. We have a rescue dog and two rescue cats. When I’m not working, I enjoy watching my daughters compete in soccer and cheerleading. I also love football, bodybuilding, cooking, gardening, mountain biking and of course hiking.


Kristin (left) at our Music for Medicine

Kristin Gubser

Gateway Community College

Member since: 2015

I have been working in community outreach since I graduated from college. During my early work in nonprofit I saw firsthand every day, amazing people who found themselves in difficult circumstances. It taught me that everyone should have a right to basic needs like food, housing, education and healthcare. If we can give people this, we can break the cycle of poverty. It was this experience that inspired me to join the Mountain Park Health Center Board of Directors.

I currently work for Gateway Community College where we have medical assistant, pharmacy tech and phlebotomy programs so I get to work directly with future healthcare workers.

My biggest passion is education. I believe it’s the one thing that can never be taken from someone. It’s more than just academic learning. Education plays a major role in the building and molding of the whole person and I think if we don’t start investing more in education it will be the next major public health crisis. There are a lot of social and emotional benefits to being in school that play into a person’s overall health.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my two daughters and self-proclaimed amazing husband.


Sam and his English Bulldog, Ruby. 

Sam Leyvas

HomeAid Phoenix

Member since: 2019

As a native Phoenician and South Phoenix resident, I have long been aware of Mountain Park and their commitment to providing quality healthcare to our communities. On a personal level, I have an active interest in staying involved in my community and Mountain Park felt like the perfect opportunity. I love Mountain Park and their mission to focus on both their patients and communities as a whole. Mountain Park is committed to providing quality healthcare, and they strive to be very responsive to the individuals and families they serve. As a patient of Mountain Park, I hope that I can lend a unique perspective to board discussions on how we continuously strive to deliver on our mission. Because in the end, it’s my hope that the organization is able to deliver the best care possible and to impact more lives for the better. 


Elizabeth Stops for a photo outside our central office in downtown Phoenix.

Elizabeth McNamee

Community Member 

Member since: 2018

I am a big believer in the partnerships of individual responsibility, providers that keep you healthy and the community in which you live in. I have always been drawn to organizations that understand this connection which I is why am glad to be a part of Mountain Park.

Early in my career I had the opportunity to travel to Venezuela where I realized that public health was the right career path for me. While there, I was able to experience the great things that can happen when physicians work with members of the community to make impactful changes related to health. I am originally from Texas, but as a child we traveled a lot because my father was in the Air Force. Like many families, my parents had a huge influence on me. My dad always taught me to listen to everyone because there is a lot that can be learned from other people’s experiences. My mom encouraged me to find a career I loved and regardless of the job, to do it to the best of my ability because work ethic is a reflection of myself and my family. I’ve tried to always live my life with this in mind.

I have been married to my incredible husband for 40 years and together we have a daughter who lives in Portland. In my spare time I like to hike, read, spend time with my dog—an Australian Shepherd—and I’m learning how to play golf.


Lori at at our annual family and dog friendly run/walk events.

Lori Robinson

City of Tempe

Member since: 2015

As a single mom, a social worker, community advocate and patient, I bring a unique perspective to the Mountain Park Board of Directors. I’m proud to be a part of this community and be able to advocate for social justice and access to affordable, high-quality care.

For more than 15 years, I have worked and built relationships with individuals from a variety of sectors, diverse communities and socio-economic levels. I love connecting people and leveraging community resources to meet the needs of local citizens. I spend my life working intimately in the community and giving voice to those who need us most.

I am blessed to have the love and support of my family, the entire community, and my pup Buki. My son, Sam, motivates me to be the best I can be every day of my life. When I’m not working or being involved in community events, I enjoy spending my time outdoors. I practice yoga and love going to live concerts. I also donate a lot of my time by volunteering with local organizations that promote justice and human rights, as well as chairing my neighborhood association.


Carmen brings expertise in government policy and the federal, state and local level to the board.

Carmen Ronan

Molera Alvarez

Member since: 2019

I found out about Mountain Park from a family friend who was a long-time board member here. I knew Mountain Park would be a perfect fit for me because of the diversity both in the employees and the patients. It’s amazing to me how patient-centered Mountain Park is and how the organization focuses on breaking down barriers to healthcare, and I wanted to be a part of that.

Currently I work for a government affairs firm doing international business consulting. As a Latina, I come to Mountain Park with a knowledge of the Spanish language, as well as expertise in government policy at the federal, state and local level. I have a journalism background, so writing and communicating with people comes with ease. As an Arizona native I really understand the needs of the community.

I come from a huge family. My mom is one of five and my dad, one of nine children. I have many aunts, uncles and cousins and I love spending time with all of them. When I’m not working or spending time with my family, I enjoy staying active and cooking. I’m a huge foodie! I travel a lot both in the U.S. and internationally, and love exploring the unknown. One of my favorite cities I’ve traveled to is Buenos Aires, Argentina—but don’t tell that to my Chilean friends (I lived in Santiago, Chile, for almost a year and a half, and Chile and Argentina have friendly competition…in just about everything).


Dulce with her children visiting Chichén Itzá, Mayan ruins on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula.

Dulce Ruelas

Grand Canyon University

Member since: 2018

I have always had an interest in public health. For nine years I worked for Chicanos Por La Causa as the health and nutrition coordinator. That is where my relationship with Mountain Park began. I started referring families to the Baseline Clinic. The relationship between Chicanos Por La Causa and Mountain Park enhanced and I was able to help keep children healthy. When I found out about everything that Mountain Park offers, and all the locations in the valley, I was shocked and fell in love with the organization because of their integration of WIC, behavioral health and registered dietitians. I decided to join the Mountain Park board of directors because I have always felt the need to be connected to the community and Mountain Park is a perfect example of family and community.

Currently, I work as a professor at Grand Canyon University. I love teaching and being able to be innovative with the curriculum and what I teach students. Also, I am a student myself and am working on my doctorate of public health with an emphasis on maternal child health. Early childhood development has always been another passion of mine. I believe that you have to start young to make the best decisions that will influence your life as an adult.

When I am not working or studying, Eva and Emiliano—my two children—keep me busy and on my toes.


Khalil (right) with Lina Ali, Somali Case Manager visit after a presentation Khalil gave at our Maryvale Clinic.

Khalil Rushdan


Member since: 2019

It is so hard finding a medical home where you feel respected and valued. I became a patient at Mountain Park in 2013 and I remember how scary it felt to walk into the clinic for the first time after my incarceration. You never know how people are going to receive you, but from the start the staff was so welcoming and helpful. It made the experience a lot easier. Mountain Park has a great family feel; they don’t just talk about treating their patients well, they’re actually doing it.

When I joined the Board of Directors, I knew that I would bring my personal and professional experience to Mountain Park. As the Community Partnership Coordinator for the ACLU of Arizona, I have a deep connection with our community. I always want to be on the front line advocating for social justice issues. One of the biggest battles I’m always fighting is stigmas against people who have been incarcerated and advocating for a fair re-entry. When people think about diversity and inclusion, they tend to think about race and ethnicity. What they forget is that diversity and inclusion also includes people who have spent time in prison.

I’m co-owner of a small screen-printing business called Certified Printing. I enjoy art and music, and landscaping. Backyard remodeling fascinates me. I think a backyard should be their first retreat where a person can go after a long day, so I spend a lot of time making sure my backyard is the perfect getaway.


Yanitza looks forward to spreading the mission of Mountain Park to help the community.

Yanitza Soto

Arizona Department of Health Services

Member since: 2019

I am an Arizona native and grew up in Tucson where my passion for community health started. My experience working as a Community Health Worker (CHW) piqued my interest in public health practice. I completed graduate school in 2017 with a masters in Public Health and have worked at the Arizona Department of Health Services since 2014. My interests include CHW workforce development, awareness and sustainability. In my current role at ADHS I oversee clinical quality management for providers offering care and supportive services for people living with HIV across Arizona. Over the last several years of working in state government I have most enjoyed transforming federal direction to community action.

I have experienced firsthand the wonderful services, facilities and healthcare teams Mountain Park provides in my experience as a patient. As a board member, I look forward to spreading the mission and guiding principles of Mountain Park especially in elevating voices, pursuing excellence and challenging the ordinary. I am thankful to contribute to Mountain Park’s role in ensuring that everyone in the communities we serve continues to receive quality, affordable healthcare.


Anthony (right) accepting a food donation from our pediatrician Dr. Woods.

Anthony Tremonto

Studio ADT

Member since: 2017

I grew up in a neighborhood that was diverse, both ethnically and spiritually. My family is Italian and my parents taught me that it didn’t matter what your ethnic heritage, gender, religion or sexual orientation, if someone needed help, you helped. I follow this mantra to this day. My parents worked hard—two jobs—and tried to instill in my brother and I that by working hard and helping others, you will make a difference anywhere you go.

Serving on the Board of Directors is important to me because working with the staff at Mountain Park has shown me what a difference the organization makes in the community. From serving free breakfast and lunch in the summer, to encouraging a healthy lifestyle, they go beyond traditional healthcare.

My wife and I have been married for more than 30 years. We have a Pitbull/Boxer mix named Louie. I am a small business owner of a picture framing business. I’m a huge advocate for independent and locally owned businesses. In my free time, when I’m not working, I really enjoy playing ice hockey, riding my motorcycle and collecting various sports memorabilia.


When Page isn't working or helping Mountain Park thrive, she takes time to see the world.

Page Underwood

Mayo Clinic

Member since: 2017

I heart Arizona! I am a third-generation Arizonan who is happiest when I am with family and friends under the desert sky (maybe a little less happy in July and August).

When I’m not working as a lawyer at Mayo Clinic, hanging out with my near-perfect husband, or reading a book, I travel. There are so many cool places to see and so little time.

I’ve been a Mountain Park board member since 2017. I was recruited by a colleague who I respect and admire. He spoke highly of Mountain Park’s mission and values, which confirmed what I had heard from my Mayo Clinic colleagues.

The opportunity to serve on the board came at a time when affordable healthcare in the U.S. was under attack, and I wanted to do something -- which brings me to my passion. I have been a healthcare attorney for over 20 years, and I have seen our healthcare system from many angles – as a business advisor, a lawyer, a family member of a patient, and a patient myself.

I firmly believe that healthcare is a human right and should be accessible to everyone. It should be of good quality and available where and when needed. Mountain Park puts that belief into action. It is a privilege to part of this organization. Mountain Park provides hope for what is possible.