Women's Health

Chijioke Soribe, MD

Chijioke Soribe, MD

Education: James H. Quillen College of Medicine

Clinic: Goodyear

I didn’t always know I wanted to go into healthcare. When I got to college, my interest in health and wellness really developed organically. My sister is also a doctor here at Mountain Park, so I’ve been familiar with the organization for a while and her happiness and the mission here made me always want to work here as well.

I got into healthcare to take care of people and help them stay healthy. As an OB, I get to care for healthy women and bring happiness to my patients by helping them bring new life into the world. I really enjoy delivering babies, it makes me the happiest person. It’s also important to me to be able to make my patients feel comfortable and relaxed with me.

Working in healthcare has taught me the importance of compassion. Not just to be compassionate to others, but also to accept compassion because healthcare isn’t just one person, it’s a community.