Cindy Duke, MD

Cindy Duke, MD

University of Arizona, College of Medicine


I have always loved math and science.  My father became seriously ill during my teenage years and this adverse event made me realize the importance of learning medical science so that I can help my family and others. Working with children has always been the most enjoyable and rewarding moment of my life, so it’s not surprising I would become interested in pediatric medicine.

I love the services that Mountain Park provides to our patients, all in one location. The convenience for the patients improves their outlook on seeking help from their healthcare providers. I believe that all patients deserve to be treated with respect, compassion, and competency, regardless of their social, ethnic, or educational background.

I always strive to deliver the best possible medical care to my patients. I will listen to their story, take action to improve their health, and provide guidance on what they need to do to recover and stay healthy.

I love spending time outside of work doing different activities with my children. We love to laugh, spend time during meals talking about our day, exercise, watch movies, listen to music, dance, and going out with other family members or friends.  Whatever life brings us, my children and I take it on with enthusiasm and 100 percent effort.