Family Medicine


Keith Noback, MD

Arizona State University

Member since 2018

Rush Medical College


My mom was nurse and she really set the stage for healthcare as a profession for me. It has always been my goal to give back and I really like the integrated healthcare model here at Mountain Park.

I believe my job is to help people care for their own health, not completely take over their healthcare for them. I can’t make people make healthier decisions. What I can do is give them the information they need to make those healthier decisions when they are ready. I’m here to support and reassure them.

I’ve learned a lot of humility working in healthcare. You don’t always know as much as you think you do. People are more complicated than they appear, and our differences allow us to constantly learn from each other. Diversity is what keeps us from becoming complacent.

If I wasn’t in healthcare, I’d be a cliff climbing guide somewhere.