Shiva Sobhanian, PsyD

EducationAlliant International University ClinicBaseline After immigrating to this country during my teenage years, I wanted to become a psychologist. Something people don’t know about me is I have lived in three different countries. I saw and experienced many hardships as an immigrant myself and it inspired me to give back. I enjoy working with people, listening to their stories and being a part … Read More

Jessica Younger, PsyD

EducationAzusa Pacific University ClinicBaseline I originally wanted to be a marine biologist because I love the ocean and whales. I decided to pursue a behavioral health degree because I really enjoy seeing why people act a certain way and why they make the decisions they make. Coming to Mountain Park to work every day is a blessing, but I also … Read More

Jonathan Hope, RD

When I was young I wanted to teach children about health, but I disliked chemistry so I decided to try nutrition. It ended up a perfect fit for me because not only was there little chemistry but everything I learned along the way I knew I can implement into my own life. I was attracted to Mountain Park because of … Read More

Vesna Babanovska, RD

EducationArizona State UniversityUniversity “Sts. Cyril and Methodius” Clinic Baseline Twenty-four years ago, I came to Arizona, the place I had visited as a foreign exchange student 10 years earlier. The City of Tempe and my home city of, Skopje, Macedonia, have been sister cities since 1971. The memories I carried from my first visit made me choose Arizona as my … Read More

Krystal Lundell, RD

Born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico, I have always been passionate about nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle. I also enjoyed writing and decided to get my first degree in Creative Writing. As time went on I realized what I really wanted to do with my life was teach nutrition, so I went back to school and became a Registered … Read More

Saray Vera, RD

Born in California, raised in Arizona, I am a proud Sun Devil! While little, I played and dreamed of becoming a teacher – intelligent, helpful and kind-hearted. In college, I pursued my dream and studied languages/linguistics. As life goes, I later developed a passion for something different – Nutrition and Public Health. I am fortunate that at Mountain Park I … Read More

Evelyn Coronado, RD

EducationArizona State University ClinicBaseline I am an Arizona Native and proud Sun Devil alumni. I believe that you must focus on something positive to get through lives toughest moments. Through nutrition, I am able to bring hope for better health. By encouraging others to nourish their bodies with whole foods, so that they can live limitless, joyful and energized lives. … Read More

Tracy Hastings, LCSW

Clinic: Baseline Ever since I was a kid, I had a goal of being a trauma therapist. I wanted to work with crisis because it’s what I’m most afraid of, so I made it my career. Before coming to Mountain Park, I worked at the VA dealing with trauma, substance abuse and crisis. I want my patients to know I … Read More

Abby McGrath, RD

Arizona State University As a young child, I loved learning about new cultures. This curiosity fueled my passion to travel all over the world as an adult. One of my favorite ways to explore a new culture is through its food. In 2011, I embarked on one of my greatest adventures yet – a complete career overhaul. I left my … Read More