Shiva Sobhanian, PsyD

EducationAlliant International University ClinicBaseline After immigrating to this country during my teenage years, I wanted to become a psychologist. Something people don’t know about me is I have lived in three different countries. I saw and experienced many hardships as an immigrant myself and it inspired me to give back. I enjoy working with people, listening to their stories and being a part … Read More

Jessica Younger, PsyD

EducationAzusa Pacific University ClinicBaseline I originally wanted to be a marine biologist because I love the ocean and whales. I decided to pursue a behavioral health degree because I really enjoy seeing why people act a certain way and why they make the decisions they make. Coming to Mountain Park to work every day is a blessing, but I also … Read More

Maria Mendoza-Rodriguez, PsyD

Ever since I was young, I was always counseling my friends. I like helping people, so I became a psychologist. I was attracted to Mountain Park because I could see how close and patient centered everyone is. I want my patients to know I am going to support them in whatever they want to do. Whatever they need from me, … Read More

Natasha Burrell, RD

Health is a big part of everyone’s lives, and I grew up with so many people that could’ve benefited from better healthcare. That’s why I’m here. Mountain Park is a great place to work because of how incredibly patient centered everyone is. All the staff has great communication and really work together to give our patients amazing care. Healthcare to … Read More

Tracy Hastings, LCSW

Clinic: Baseline Ever since I was a kid, I had a goal of being a trauma therapist. I wanted to work with crisis because it’s what I’m most afraid of, so I made it my career. Before coming to Mountain Park, I worked at the VA dealing with trauma, substance abuse and crisis. I want my patients to know I … Read More

Cynthia Pence, PsyD

I moved to Arizona from Peoria, Illinois in April 2018 to help take care of my mom. Arizona is definitely different than my hometown, but I am learning to appreciate it. I am excited to be able to explore a little more, now that my mom is on the mend. I didn’t immediately know I wanted to go into healthcare … Read More

Jamie Solomon, RD

Registered Dietitian Manager Board Certified When I was little I wanted to be an author because I enjoyed reading and creating my own stories. Through my life as an athlete, I discovered my passion for health and wellness, specifically nutrition. I was born and raised in Arizona then moved off to college at the University of Northern Colorado where I … Read More

Nancy Hagener, PsyD

Integrated Behavioral Health Manager Professionally, I am interested in empowering patients to regain a sense of control over their own lives by facilitating the change process. We get to do that every day at Mountain Park through brief, solution-focused interventions as part of an integrated healthcare team. Whether meeting patients in individual consultations, or speaking to our diabetes education group, … Read More

Kimberly Hoffman, RDH

EducationWest Virginia University ClinicBaseline I have been in Arizona for 5 years. I am originally from Pennsylvania but lived in Washington, D.C. for a while. When I was a teenager I had to get braces and at that moment I became fascinated with dentistry. It’s important for me to treat the whole patient and educate them to achieve the best … Read More

Angela Relf, DDS

Board Certified I grew up in Quincy, FL wanting to be a zoologist. I now have three children and a terrier-mix puppy. People describe me as motherly, and I love working at Mountain Park because I’m able to provide meaningful and preventive dental care to those who might not otherwise have access to it. As the chair of our dental department, I strive to make sure … Read More