Sarah Tucker, WHNP

Education: University of Cincinnati Clinic: Baseline

Richa Duggal, MD

Board Certified Education: Kasturba Medical College Clinic: Baseline As a pediatrician, it’s a delight to watch children grow, and deeply rewarding to walk with families as they mature. I enjoy working at Mountain Park because everyone here loves what they do and patient care is their first priority. I’ve lived in Phoenix for more than 10 years now. I am … Read More

Elmira Pashayeva, MD

Education: Azerbaijan Medical University Clinic: Baseline Growing up I wanted to be a singer and dancer, but an inner voice told me to go into medicine. I was always caring for our family pets and that drove me into pediatrics. Before coming to Mountain Park, I had worked in similar settings and I wanted to keep providing care to those … Read More

Duncan Tang, MD

Board Certified Education University of Arizona, College of Medicine Residency University of Minnesota Medical School Clinic Baseline

Elizabeth Perez, MD

Board Certified EducationUniversity of ArizonaTucson, AZ ResidencySt. Joseph’s HospitalPhoenix, AZ ClinicBaseline I remember when I was 13, I figured I was going to grow up someday and be a mother, and that I was going to have more questions than anyone was able to handle, so I need to be a doctor. When kids tell me what they want to be when … Read More

Rosa Lopez, MD

Education: University of California Residency: St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Clinic: Baseline Before I became a doctor, I worked in a lab. I was really interested in genetic research and my employer recommended I go to medical school. I’ve worked as a hospitalist and in private practice, but I wanted to make a greater impact. I looked into a few … Read More

Jennifer Wood, NP

Board CertifiedEducationArizona State UniversityClinicBaseline and MaryvaleWhen I was little, I wanted to work with dolphins, as a marine biologist.  I ended up becoming a nurse and caring for kids instead, which I love.  I eventually went back to school to become a nurse practitioner.  I had a friend who worked here at Mountain Park, and she loved it here.  She … Read More

Agnes Bartha, MD

EducationSemmelweis University Medical SchoolResidencySt. Joseph’s Hospital Medical CenterClinicBaseline

Cindy Duke, MD

Education: University of Arizona, College of Medicine Clinic: Baseline I have always loved math and science.  My father became seriously ill during my teenage years and this adverse event made me realize the importance of learning medical science so that I can help my family and others. Working with children has always been the most enjoyable and rewarding moment of … Read More

Priya Vannarath, MD

Board Certified Education: Calicut Medical College Clinic: Baseline I came to the United States from Kerala, India in 2002 after serving in a variety of medical positions overseas. It was my father’s ambition that I become a doctor because he wanted me to have as many opportunities as possible and I eventually grew to be very passionate about helping people … Read More