Liliana Garcia, DDS

Dental Department Chair Board Certified I grew up in Queens, NY and always wanted to be a doctor. As a kid I was always putting Band-Aids on people and helping them. I’m a natural caregiver. I’ve always wanted to work in public health. I was a patient at a Community Health Center like Mountain Park, so I knew this would … Read More

Faiz Naioom, MD

Internal Medicine Chair Board Certified I always wanted to be a physician so I could help people in need. Medicine is my passion, and I really like what I get to do on a daily basis. I see a great need in the community Mountain Park serves, and I think I can contribute to their healthcare here regardless of the … Read More

Donald Carter, MD

Pediatrics Chair Board Certified As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a pediatrician. I wanted to help and serve others, especially children. The mission at Mountain Park to serve others is truly held in the hearts of all its employees. I come from a huge family, over 100 cousins, three siblings, six nephews and nieces with more … Read More

Maureen Welsh, ANP

Director of Clinical Quality Board Certified I grew up in Ojai, California where my mom and older sisters were nurses. My mom always told me really great stories about being a nurse. I started my career working in a nursing home when I was 17-years old. Wanting very much to learn Spanish, I joined the Peace Corps in the 1980s … Read More

Mary Soto, PharmD

Associate Director of Pharmacy I always wanted to be in the medical field – I liked putting Band-Aids on people. My grandmother had a great connection with her pharmacist who made her very comfortable and gave her important information. That had a big impact on me. I was an intern at Mountain Park in 2004, and I really liked how … Read More