Blanca Vargas Soto, APDH

Education:  Clinic: Baseline

Kimberly Hoffman, RDH

Education: West Virginia University Clinic: Baseline I have been in Arizona for 5 years. I am originally from Pennsylvania but lived in Washington, D.C. for a while.When I was a teenager I had to get braces and at that moment I became fascinated with dentistry. It’s important for me to treat the whole patient and educate them to achieve the … Read More

Natisha Andrews, RDH

Education: University of Phoenix Clinic: Baseline and Gateway When I was 16, I had my teeth cleaned by a really caring dental hygienist and I loved the way my teeth felt so much afterward that I started thinking about it as a career path. Because I remember what it felt like to be in that chair, I make sure to … Read More

Patricia Cordova, RDH

Education: Northern Arizona University Clinic: Baseline I am an Arizona native. I attended Phoenix College and then continued my education at NAU. My great experience as a dental and ortho patient inspired me to pursue a career in the field. I enjoy my profession because it focuses so much on education and preventive care. I love when patients are involved … Read More

Leah Tekle, DMD

Education: Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health Clinic: Baseline When I was growing up, I remember how good my dentist was and I always thought dentistry was really interesting. Not many kids or even adults enjoy going to the dentist and I always wanted to change that mindset. Getting to know patients and working with people is what made … Read More

Jessica Giles, DMD

Education: Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health Clinic: Maryvale I went into dentistry to alleviate suffering and improve the quality of people’s lives. As my patient, I will make your dental experience as pleasant and positive as possible. I care deeply about providing comprehensive care and doing great work. I enjoy working with kids and advocating for their improved … Read More

Celine Upton, DMD

Board Certified Education: Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry Clinic: Baseline, Maryvale and Christown I grew up in Phoenix and always wanted to be an astronaut. I like working with people and being a healthy person. Working in dental gives me more time with our patients. The locations at Mountain Park are great and I feel like I … Read More

Jordan Janis, DMD

Education: A.T. University Barry University Clinic: Maryvale I came to Arizona from Florida five years ago strictly for dental school but fell in love with everything about the state and decided to stay. I love the weather, everything there is to do, and as a bonus, I met my wife Shannon here. Arizona has been good to me and I … Read More

Stephen Glaze, DMD

Board Certified Education: A.T. Still University Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health Clinic: Baseline I have lived in Phoenix pretty much my whole life.  My Dad was in the Air Force, so we spent three years in England when I was a child.  My Mom and Dad worked hard to instill a sense of community in both my older … Read More

Sonja Johnson, DDS

Education: University ofArizona Clinic: Baseline I grew up in Montreal, Quebec, but I’ve lived in Arizona for 32 years. I’m very athletic – an avid runner – and used to have a strong interest in sports medicine. I’m not sure exactly how I got into dentistry, but I do know I’ve always cared for others and wanted to make a difference. … Read More