Aviva Ariel, LCSW

Education University of Hawaii Clinic Maryvale I’ve always been interested in learning about why people do the things they do and make the decisions they make. That’s what lead me to a career in behavioral health. We’re all rowing the same boat and should be helping each other out. I learned about Mountain Park Health Center through recruitment. I worked … Read More

Abigail Noblett, RD

I got into healthcare because I love nutrition and the idea that food can really affect your body. What you eat has a major impact on your health. I’m particularly interested in food allergies and diabetes. I love that Mountain Park makes this type of care really accessible with their integrated healthcare model. Most people haven’t seen a dietitian unless … Read More

Destino Campbell, RD

Education: Endeavour College of Natural Health I got into healthcare because of my own personal experiences with diet and chronic pain. I think it’s important to try to deal with things naturally through diet and alternative remedies. I believe a natural approach leads to better habits for the future. The integrated healthcare model here at Mountain Park Health Center really … Read More

Annie Gipson, LCSW

Clinic: Maryvale I love people and have always been uncomfortable with situations that seem unfair. I couldn’t not do something, so I got into healthcare to help people advocate and stand up for themselves. The integrated healthcare model and Mountain Park Health Center is really special and something I hope everyone has the opportunity to be a part of some … Read More

Delia Avelar, PsyD

Education:Argosy University Clinic: Maryvale I have been living in Phoenix for 18 years and it thrills me that I was able to find a job doing something I love here. I came to Mountain Park because I believe in our integrated care model and our focus on treating the whole person. I am bilingual as well which helps me to … Read More