Sandeep Randhawa, MD

Sandeep Randhawa, MD

Xenia Cabey-Molinar, MD

Education: University of Panama Clinic: Baseline From a young age, I always knew what I liked and that was science and serving people. I stuck with that and ended up getting a full ride scholarship to the University of Panama Medical School. I owned my own practice for almost 30 years and I decided I wanted to spend my last … Read More

Chyi Wei, MD

Education:    Clinic: Baseline

Tiffany Davis, MD

Education: University of Arizona Clinic: Maryvale

Sangeeta Manuel, MD

Board Certified Education Kasturba medical college, Mangalore Residency Texas Tech Health Science Center University of New Mexico Clinic Christown My childhood years were spent in Kuwait. My interest in the field of Pediatrics developed when I worked as a junior pediatric resident in India. After completing my residency in pediatrics I worked as a hospitalist at The University of New … Read More

Terri Joliet, MD

Education: Southern Illinois University of Medicine Residency: University of Louisville Clinic: Maryvale I have always been interested in science and when I was in the fourth grade, I cut my chin and had to go to the emergency room to have stitches. I was fascinated by the hospital and the doctors there and that’s when I decided I wanted to … Read More

Shauna Wong, MD

Board CertifiedEducationSaba UniversityResidencyEast Carolina University, Vidant Medical CenterClinicGatewayWhen I was young, I wanted to be a teacher so I could be around kids and positively impact their future. I decided to become a physician so I could be paid to learn, help others, and understand why urine is yellow! I joined Mountain Park with my husband in order to care … Read More

Rosa Lopez, MD

Education: University of California Residency: St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Clinic: Baseline Before I became a doctor, I worked in a lab. I was really interested in genetic research and my employer recommended I go to medical school. I’ve worked as a hospitalist and in private practice, but I wanted to make a greater impact. I looked into a few … Read More

Nailah Cooper, MD

Education: University of New Mexico, School of Medicine Clinic: Goodyear I grew up in an urban neighborhood in Oklahoma City. As a child, I wanted to be both a doctor and a pilot – a flying doctor. It’s the mystery of medicine paired with being able to help people that really kept me interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. … Read More