Van Lieu, PharmD

Education: University of the Sciences Philadelphia Clinic: Baseline Throughout my entire life, I’ve always wanted to help people. That’s why I got into healthcare. I have a lot of passion for Mountain Park’s mission and serving our community. Every patient’s needs are unique and specific to them, so I listen and empathize with them as much as possible. I want … Read More

Megan Kilgore, PharmD

Education: University of Arizona Clinic: Maryvale I’ve always been interested in science and how we use the things we’ve discovered to help each other and help the community. Those interests and passions are what led me to healthcare. Here at Mountain Park, the care we provide our patients is very collaborative and I really admire the mission. I go into … Read More

Rajal Patel, PharmD

Education: University of Arizona Clinic: Maryvale I moved here from India in the 11th grade, where I was already focusing on my future career. Starting in high school I always wanted to be a pharmacist. I loved science but did not want to be a doctor. My brother, parents, and grandparents live in Arizona. Most of my family still speaks … Read More

John Howard, PharmD

Education: University of Washington Clinic: Gateway I majored in biochemistry in college and I found that working in a lab was a lot less fulfilling than working with people. I got a job as a pharmacy tech and loved how the pharmacist was able to help people. My favorite part about working at Mountain Park is the wide variety of … Read More

Amanda Grear, PharmD

Education: University of Arizona Clinic: Maryvale Before getting started in healthcare, I worked as a teacher. I taught third grade for two years and then decided to go to pharmacy school. I did a rotation at Mountain Park while I was in school and I really liked the integrated healthcare model here. I believe in empowering patients to get the … Read More

Sarah Kim, PharmD

Education: University of California Clinic: Baseline I feel like I wanted to be so many different things when I was little. As the older sister, I wanted to be a teacher because I was always teaching things to my brother. But during school, I became interested in pharmacy and the opportunity to educate the public about their health. Pharmacists are … Read More

Ani Bekelian, PharmD

Education: Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy Clinic: Baseline I have always had an interest in how medications work in the body, and with the opportunity to develop impactful relationships with my patients, going into clinical pharmacy and healthcare was no surprise for me. At Mountain Park, I love that I get to work in primary care and enjoy the integrated … Read More

Maegan Burris, PharmD

Pharmacy Manager Education: Midwestern University Clinic: Maryvale My focus throughout my life and career has always been health and bridging the gap that exists in healthcare. Prevention, as well as treatment, play vital roles in our wellbeing. I believe prevention is the key to reducing health inequality in our community. I knew I found my calling in pharmacy when I … Read More

Mary Soto, PharmD

Associate Director of Pharmacy Education: Midwestern University Clinic: Baseline I always wanted to be in the medical field – I liked putting Band-Aids on people. My grandmother had a great connection with her pharmacist who made her very comfortable and gave her important information. That had a big impact on me. I was an intern at Mountain Park in 2004, … Read More