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Meet Nurse Practitioner Jozzette Rubio

Jozzette enjoys working with the entire Care Team and providing patient centered care.

“We are happy to be part of stopping the spread of the virus. We are very excited to get our vaccine and encourage others to do the same!”

- Gregorio and Graciela, Patients at our Maryvale Clinic

Meet Nurse Practitioner Bobby Mickens

From a young age, Bobby has been caring for her family members, gaining the nickname “little nurse” from her dad.


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    Meet John, Patient at our Maryvale Clinic

    Meet John! He has been a patient at our Maryvale Clinic for close to 10 years and felt like we were the best place for him to come get his COVID-19 vaccine. John says he has a lot of trust in science and that made him feel safe getting the vaccine.


    Your Healthcare Team

    Having an entire team in one place has helped Lucy lose weight and better manage her diabetes. In addition to her doctor, Lucy regularly works with a registered dietitian and takes classes in our clinic to learn how to eat better and live a healthier life.