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Meet Flor, Atkinson Clinic Parent

Thanks to the team from our Atkinson Clinic Flor and her children got access to care when they needed it most.

“I love my doctor because he’s a good listener and always tries to find a solution. I trust Mountain Park and I’m not sure I would be able to trust another doctor’s office quite like this.”

- Tuwanna, Patient at our Baseline Clinic

Conquering Diabetes 

Johnny needed a doctor after he came out of his diabetic coma. His wife knew exactly where he belonged. so she brought him to our Goodyear Clinic. 


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Your Healthcare Team

Having an entire team in one place has helped Lucy lose weight and better manage her diabetes. In addition to her doctor, Lucy regularly works with a registered dietitian and takes classes in our clinic to learn how to eat better and live a healthier life.


Autism Journey: A Known Diagnosis is Worth the Drive

Being a parent is a difficult task, especially when there are questions that are not being answered by doctors. Frustrated parents, Jordan and Jomar, finally found answers at Mountain Park.