Healow App

Have you heard of our Healow app? It’s a tool that allows you to schedule your child’s pediatric visit with a click of a button. Whether your child needs a back-to-school checkup or is sick and you need to get them in to see someone, you can make an appointment at any time from anywhere with our app.

You can also message your doctor to get in touch quicker, avoiding playing phone tag.

The Healow app also lets you:

  1. View your past and upcoming appointments.
  2. Message your doctor 24/7  for health-related questions.
  3. Manage your medications.
  4. View your medical records including labs and immunizations.
  5. Connect your fitness tracker to measure activity levels.
  • Download the FREE app today!

  • Request your personal login at your next appointment or call (602) 243-7277 and ask to speak to a member of your Care Team regarding the Healow app.

  • When you receive a text message from us, enter the code into the Healow app.

  • You can now manage your health on the go! When asked use practice code: DGGEBA.


Follow these four easy steps to get Healow today