Agnes Bartha, MD

Semmelweis University Medical School

St. Joseph’s Hospital Medical Center


My interests in healthcare came from a long line of teachers, scientists and doctors in my family.  I was always fascinated by the human body and how it worked and started my career in clinical pathology which focuses on diagnosing diseases.  After medical school I studied newborn neurology and became interested in the early development of the human mind. After spending several years in pediatric private practice, I joined Mountain Park Health Center, where I am able to work with our on-site behavioral health consultants, registered dietitians, a dental team, and pharmacists to create a fully integrated plan for my patients during their visit.

In my free time I enjoy many wonderful local cultural and art events at the Phoenix Art Museum, Desert Botanical Garden, Arizona Ballet and the Phoenix Symphony. Healthy lifestyle is important in living a balanced life, so I exercise regularly by taking Zumba, step and yoga.