Integrated Health

Amanda Nelson, RD

Mount Mary University


My journey into healthcare was influenced by my family’s background, with a grandmother who was a paramedic and a mother who was a nurse.

Having previously worked at a Phoenix-based Federally Qualified Health Center, I was drawn to Mountain Park for its integrated health model, recognizing the opportunity to make a real difference in patients’ lives. In my appointments, I meet patients where they are, acknowledging unique challenges and emphasizing realistic, achievable goals. I’m a firm believer in the importance of wellness, especially the critical role of sleep in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as it greatly impacts dietary habits, and I share this with my patients every chance I get.

I value the opportunity to learn about the vibrant cultures of Phoenix. I’ve been wanting to learn Spanish, and I’m excited to practice what I’ve learned so I can better communicate with my patients. Beyond my professional life, I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, as well as cooking and reading to unwind. I’m known by many nicknames, but I prefer the warmth of “Mandy” among my colleagues and patients alike.