Women's Health

Andy Stovicek, NP

Alexandra “Andy” Stovicek, NP

Yale University


I am originally from Weehawken, NJ and I moved here because I love the big skies, the heat, and wanted to be able to speak Spanish with my patients.

I became interested in nursing because I love meeting new people and finding ways to support women in my community.

I started volunteering as a doula, supporting people during their births and fell in love. I came to Mountain Park because I sensed that everyone here is really happy to be here and works as a team.

I’m here to be an advocate for my patients navigating the healthcare system. I want my patients to feel relaxed and comfortable around me. I’m very passionate about queer healthcare and working with the LGBTQIA+ community, of which I am a part.

In my free time you can find me hiking, biking, on the dance floor, or watching musical theater.