Family Medicine

Blessy Joseph, FNP

Blessy Joseph, FNP

Education: University of Arizona

Clinic: Tempe

My reason for choosing to become a family nurse practitioner is heavily intertwined with my love for people and my goal of helping them achieve optimal health. People may present with similar medical conditions but understanding them as unique individuals is critical to successful treatment plans. As a committed professional in the healthcare industry, I chose Mountain Park because of its reputation for treating patients with special attention and care and its commitment to communication and interdisciplinary collaboration, which is the cornerstone for high-quality patient care.

I would define myself as someone who desires to learn and has a listening ear and exceptional communication skills. My patients can expect a warm welcome, transparency, active listening, trust, respect, time for a connected conversation, empathy, a comprehensive treatment plan, clear instructions, and collaboration with other providers to ensure continuity of care. 

Work-life balance is necessary to succeed in any field, and I am fortunate to have a considerate and supportive family who mean the world to me and who I enjoy spending time with. They are my greatest joy! On my time off, I love to travel and go on adventures with my family.