Dan O’Brien



As a young professional (many years ago), I met some amazing disadvantaged parents who worked extremely hard to give their families and kids a better life.  Often their passion lifts the next generation and provides opportunities that may have seemed impossible just a generation ago.  My admiration for these parents and community members is endless! Lifting generations and providing opportunities have become part of my purpose. Even the most committed parents/community members have life’s challenges thrown their way; physical and mental health challenges, inability to get employment, incarceration, etc.  Mountain Park Health Centers play a role in ensuring that community members have the healthcare they need to care for themselves and for parents or community members who are part of the “village” raising our next generation.  Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare in their community, and I have been impressed with Mountain Park’s efforts to bring a variety of services into one building and in one visit.  I am excited about the path ahead and I am anxious to learn how I can use my time with Mountain Park Health to best be of service.

I am happily married to Salma my partner for the past 26 years, and we have two great sons who are out finding their way.  Salma and I are also working to define our next acts and we are both committed to working on community projects and in developing our social network.  I look forward to working with everyone at Mountain Park Health Centers. Thank you for the opportunity!