Women's Health

Denise Gentles-Ford, MD

Denise Gentles-Ford, MD

Women’s Health Department Chair

University of Kansas, School of Medicine

White Memorial Medical Center


I’ve known that I wanted to deliver babies since I was five years old. Growing up in a low-income area, I saw too many people not getting the care they needed, many of them women. I’ve always believed that everyone deserves the best care possible, regardless of what they can afford and that philosophy aligned perfectly with Mountain Park’s mission. Nobody should have to compromise the quality of care they receive based on how deep their pockets are.

I’ve dedicated myself to providing quality healthcare to those who need it most. You could say it’s my life’s passion. My patients can expect that during their visit I will do my absolute best to keep them and their baby healthy.

I’m a mother to six wonderful kids who know that my heart is with them while my job is to care for others. I’ve taught them to do their best and never take anything for granted. I’ve learned that being a physician is about being there for your patients through the happy and the sad times. I’m proud to be part of a team that is on the same mission.